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    My TV Line Up

    This is all the crap my DVR is currently scheduled to record this week. I’m going to give them a 1-5 star rating based on how I feel about the show :P


    • Dexter ⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝ Not your average cop/crime show, in fact I can’t stand those kinds of shows, CSI type stuff doesn’t interest me. If it did I’d watch ‘Bones’ because I ♥ David Boreanaz but I couldn’t even watch that for him, tried/failed. ‘Dexter’ is not like the others, it is special.
    • The Walking Dead ⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝ This is the best zombie series EVER, I LOVE zombie stuff and I didn’t even know about this show until tumblr showed me this (ty tumblr =,) which is also where I got the idea to do this post.


    • How I Met Your Mother ⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝ Forever this show, the entire cast is amazing.
    • 2 Broke Girls ⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝ This is the best new comedy so far this fall! The writing is spunky and fresh.
    • House ⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝ House isn’t your average “hospital drama” it’s set apart in the same ways that Dexter isn’t just another crime show. I don’t watch “hospital shows” but I watch me some House.
    • Death Vally ⚝ This show basically sucks and it just sits in my DVR until I am bored with nothing to watch while I fold laundry or whatever, it will be canceled soon.
    • Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory: ⚝⚝⚝⚝ Rob wins at life so hardcore.


    • Parenthood ⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝ ‘Parenthood’ is heart warming and interesting. The writers keep the story fresh.
    • 90210 ⚝⚝⚝ Don’t judge me, I’m holding back a 4th star out of shame.
    • Ringer ⚝⚝⚝ I have to watch this because Sarah Michelle Gellar was Buffy and I’m loyal like that. haha It’s actually pretty alright though.
    • Tosh.0 ⚝⚝ He used to crack me up… lately though, his show hasn’t been that great.


    • Up All Night ⚝⚝⚝ It’s good, kind of waiting for it to get better though.
    • Modern Family ⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝ This show cracks me up.
    • American Horror Story ⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝ Pretty damn good horror series so far, I hope it sticks around for a while!


    • The Big Bang Theory ⚝⚝⚝⚝ This show is Boss.
    • The Vampire Diaries ⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝ I asked you not to judge me. I’ll watch anything with vampires and other supernaturals in it and a lot of those shows suck (refer to ‘Death Vally’) but I actually really like this one and since the “high school kids” aren’t really in HS and are probably closer to my age than HS age… oh just leave me alone :P
    • The Secret Circle ⚝⚝⚝ Britt Robertson is a good little actress and she keeps popping up in shows that get cancelled, hopefully she isn’t cursed because I’d like to see this series realize it’s potential.
    • Jersey Shore ⚝⚝ I have a weakness for watching stupid people do insanely stupid stuff, sometimes.


    • Sanctuary ⚝⚝ The CGI is pretty terribad and one of the main actors is super annoying because of the way he hangs his mouth open when he acts he tries to act. They cancelled all the ‘Stargate’ shows though and Amanda Tapping is the only one doing anything… plus… see above where I said I’d watch anything with “supernatural beings” in it.
    • Kitchen Nightmares ⚝⚝ Gordon Ramsey has like 7+ TV shows and I watch each of them when they are in season (both British and American versions).
    • Supernatural ⚝⚝⚝⚝⚝ Out of all the shows set to record this week, this one is my favorite. One of the best things about tumblr is the Supernatural fandom, thanks to tumblr, I know there are thousands of people out there who love Sam and Dean as much as I do and who watch their adventures with baited breath right along with me.

    So there you have it, I watch way too much tv, some of my shows aren’t even on there, like wtf did ‘Fringe’ go? I guess I have to wait. I also manage to internet, read books, cook, clean and save the fucking planet each and every week so IDK but I hope you liked my list.

    Ty goes to this guy (a tumblr I don’t even know and only just now decided to follow) for enlightening me and helping me to discover two fantastic shows I didn’t know about before reading his post. I hope somebody out there gets the same benefit from mine.

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    1. virgil-caine said: How can you not be watching any of NBC’s Thursday night lineup??
    2. scooter313 said: Fringe is back on the air. Season 4 started sept 23.
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