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    Moments ago, I was in the grocery store and my ears began to bleed..

    Some twangy girl band with terrible back up music that in no way resembled the original, were singing “American Pie”, I didn’t even recognize the song until the chorus, that’s how bad it was.

    I fucking love this song, this song is a part of me, this song can make me cry, make me dance and make me sing. It is history, it is despair and it is inspiration.

    Dear who ever recorded it and sold their version to Albertsons: Please don’t sing the classics if you are going to offend my soul with your attempt. I was so offended, honestly offended, you hurt my feelings. What you did was bad, it was morally wrong and against the religion of music. The fact that you would even sing this song the way you did… well.. there is no nice way to say this, you don’t deserve to be a musician, a singer or any part of the industry. On behalf of music and America, YES ON BEHALF OF AMERICA, I beg you, go work at Applebees or something.



    P.S. omg I feel better after hearing the original. ♥_♥

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