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  1. Notes: 9 / 3 weeks ago 

    Want to quit smoking?

    Start #vaping

    When I started vaping it wasn’t even because I wanted to quit smoking, I just went along for the ride when my husband bought his first vaporizer, he got me one too and I started vaping, LOVED it and never looked back. It honestly didn’t even occur to me that I had “quit smoking” for 24hours. I just suddenly realized “hey, I haven’t had a cig since yesterday”. It was THAT easy to quit. I didn’t have the “I am going to quit now” mindset either, and I have *needed* that with all other methods of quitting smoking in the past. Ya know, where you really talk yourself into it and make the conscious decision to invoke your all mighty willpower.

    It has been over a month now, I quit on June 28th and it was so easy that I am here to tell everyone it is EASY. I’ve gradually lowered my nicotine intake to a very low dose and now I can quit vaping anytime I want to without physical addiction withdrawals. I really enjoy vaping though, so it isn’t like I’m in a huge hurry to give it up, plus it isn’t really harming me so I can do it as much or as little as I want.

    Anyway, my mom has been smoking for over 40 years and she has some serious health problems because of it, COPD, chronic bronchitis, heart stuff and more. She has a TON of reasons to quit but has never been able to pull it off, I gave her a set-up, battery+charger+tank+juice and what do you know, it REALLY IS AS EASY AS I PROMISED. She has quit smoking now too and her lungs are feeling so much better. She kept saying “it really does make it easy like you said” for days, what, like I would lie about that? People, it is EASY not “easy comparatively” just EASY.

    So if you have a loved one that just can’t seem to quit, get them a vaporizer, save their life.

    By the way, it isn’t just an easy way to put down cigs forever, it’s FUN. I really enjoy all the juice flavors and blowing out big impressive clouds and stuff. 

  2. Notes: 3 / 2 months ago 

    My bff has her son at an elementary school near Reynolds High, for morning kindergarten and they aren’t going to release him at noon like usual.. they are keeping all the kids until 3:15 and afternoon Kindy is cancelled..

     It isn’t on the news but they found another kid with a gun on him when they were checking everybody for dismissal. So it is possible there are still shooters in the area.. The entire area is on major lock-down.
  3. Notes: 9 / 3 months ago 

    I am feeling emotional today and I need to write, it’s the only cure I know

    Today is Memorial Day. When I was a kid that meant a party weekend, BBQing, drinking, camping and having a blast. It just doesn’t have the same ring of playful adventures for me it once did. Today, I find myself thinking of all the vets I see holding signs begging for money “Disabled Vet Medic looking for work”, I think of the wall of names and how big it has gotten, I think of how badly my country continues to let down it’s veterans and I’m sad, really sad about it. I’ve always known what today was about and it isn’t that I didn’t care, it just didn’t resonate with me the way it does now, now that I have been alive during several wars, seen the devastation in real time instead of from a book, I have darker feels. 

    When I say “Thank you for your service and I am sorry”, please know that I mean it with every fiber of my being. I don’t agree with the decisions my country has made, especially concerning war and the mistreatment of our service men and women and I know the decisions being made are not made by the people who enlist and fight for my freedoms, they are deserving of my most profound gratitude and they’ve got it.

    Holding & hugging that specially folded flag changed me and many others forever, thank you also to every man woman and child who has held that flag.. Thank you and I am sorry.

  4. Notes: 1 / 3 months ago 

    Thanks for that tumblr!

    My whole life, my name was pretty uncommon, usually even now when I meet someone who knows someone, they spell it differently. 

    Not here though, not on tumblr, on tumblr it is a super common name for ACTUAL hookers.

    Things I would have never known without tumblr.

  5. 4 months ago 

    nitemareglitch said: I always love your gifs. How is life treating you?

    Thank you!! <3 !!!

    Life has been a real grind lately, can’t pretend it hasn’t been BUT things are looking up. If all goes well, by this time next month, I could have life by her bouncy bits, once again. I won’t miss all the uncertainty or lack of sleep! I must wade through a little more strife but I can see the light poking through the clouds now. Here is to sunshine, good friends and more carefree whimsical moments in my future!

    Thank you for your message! Seems it has gotten a lot quieter around here than it used to be. How is life treating YOU?

  6. Notes: 5 / 4 months ago 

    The other day one of those door to door pesticide peddlers knocked on my door (in spite of my no soliciting sign, as usual).

    He did the old “your neighbor across the street just hired us to spray…” I cut him off and said “No way!!” *shook my fist high in the air* and exclaimed SAVE THE BEES!! He chuckled said “fair enough” and walked away.

  7. Notes: 8 / 4 months ago 

    I’ve spent the last few days standing out in front of my kids elementary school trying to hold MY sign up in front of the dead fetus signs the organization ‘Abolish Human Abortion’ was trying to show young children.

    What did you guys do this week?

  8. Notes: 3 / 4 months ago 

    One of my Easter Eggs turned out like an egg nebula =.D You can see the full tray here.

  9. Notes: 1 / 4 months ago 
    My buddy is coming over today and we are going to put my homemade cream cheese frosting all over this epic carrot cake. It won&#8217;t look anything like this when we&#8217;re finished.. eep!! I&#8217;m so excited!! We are also going to prettify 3 dozen eggs with dye, paint, damask stamps and tons of stuff!!
YAY EASTER!! &lt;&#8212;Extreme bunny cuteness!!
I have a crazy fun packed weekend ahead and it starts NOW!!!
I plan to update Pinterest with our progress Stay tuned!?

    My buddy is coming over today and we are going to put my homemade cream cheese frosting all over this epic carrot cake. It won’t look anything like this when we’re finished.. eep!! I’m so excited!! We are also going to prettify 3 dozen eggs with dye, paint, damask stamps and tons of stuff!!

    YAY EASTER!! <—Extreme bunny cuteness!!

    I have a crazy fun packed weekend ahead and it starts NOW!!!

    I plan to update Pinterest with our progress Stay tuned!?

  10. Notes: 2 / 4 months ago 

    Anybody else highly irritated by the Swiffer Sweep & Trap commercial where the mom has a full grown man-child who spills food all over the floor like a heathen?

    She’s just like “oh haha here let me follow you around cleaning up all the messes you make in every room.” Bitch please, I’d be ashamed of myself if my son behaved that way, not just because he shows utter disrespect for his mother but because bro, at some point you gotta respect yourself too, eating like that is embarrassing.

    I know it is a commercial, it is fake but it isn’t, people behave that way. Listen up mothers, raising a child like that, where you literally do everything for them, is a disservice to them. Teach your children how to do chores efficiently and with a good attitude, THAT is a true accomplishment.

    Also, teach them not to be feral. Its not that hard.

  11. Notes: 3 / 4 months ago 

    I don’t take kindly to being lied to. I like it even less when the lie insults my intelligence. I become absolutely rabid when the lies do harm to my best friend and her children.

    Hi, I’m a Scorpio, I have the stomach flu and you just stepped in it.

  12. Notes: 8 / 4 months ago 

    Remember my friend with the two disabled children? She has a state caseworker who is supposed to help her with caregivers and some other matters that the state provides her assistance with.

    This woman is the most unprofessional slacking liar I’ve had the displeasure of encountering in quite some time. I am positively chomping at the bit to tell all of you (and the world) some of the stuff she has been pulling.

    However, patience is indeed a virtue and if I do decide to put her on blast, you can bet your petunias I’ll do so with her name and credentials attached.

  13. Notes: 4 / 4 months ago 

    Anybody know where I can make $1200 in the next couple of weeks? No? ..didn’t think so. I guess it’s time to crash and burn. FML.

  14. Notes: 3 / 5 months ago 

    When I say I’m working 5 jobs..

    I’m not flipping burgers. I am a highly qualified business professional. I am paid adequately for all the work I do, unfortunately the work is sporadic and doesn’t pay for 30+ days after completion.. with every single one of my jobs, even though they are all incredibly different jobs. That just isn’t fair lol

    I’ve had a lot floating around in my head for weeks and I haven’t been writing, I haven’t had time, so I’ll probably babble a bit on my blog today. 

  15. Notes: 4 / 5 months ago 

    Working 5 jobs is exhausting

    I like all the work so I’m lucky there, how many people can say they have 5 jobs and like them all..even love them. It is the limitations on my time that is killing me. I’m always rushing to do something and the worst part is I won’t get paid for over a month and I don’t have any money.

    One of my jobs is already a month late paying and if they don’t hurry up, I won’t make rent. I don’t even have time to worry about that, not really. Today is the first day in a long string of days/weeks that I’m not supposed to be several places at once. I’d love to just relax, have a lazy day, what a luxury, but it simply isn’t in the cards. My refrigerator is filthy, there are a million things to do. I’ve neglected everything that wasn’t super important in order to keep up my work load.

    I’m starting to feel like being overwhelmed is my new default mode. I’m even overwhelmed with this “free day”, like I somehow need to cram all the things I’ve put off doing into today. Scrub the house, read my friends book (she needs feedback), try to meet up with my cousin whom I’ve only seen twice, do something fun, cook something delicious, fill out the huge stack of paperwork I haven’t had time for but is super important.

    Free time, it isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

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