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    This is how my bunny hops…
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    The life of a Japanese grandmother and her cat

    Aww this was my cute of the day :,D mew

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    I ♥ Puffins
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    Lion kitty lives next door and I think she is playing over here because she’s kinda pissed about her new hair cut.

    [Watch the video]

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    Animals Illuminated by the Sun
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    My dog looked at me… looked at the door… looked at me… looked at the door.

    Walked over to the door, walked back to me then back to the door.

    I got up, opened the door and let him out. He puts a little trot in his step like “thanks- that’s exactly what I wanted”. I closed the glass door and he turned right around, looked me squaw in the face and barked until I opened the door for him to come back in.

    What am I doing wrong? My cats have always been assholes, was I wrong to expect more from my dog? I do, I fucking do expect more. QQ

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    Playing for the bears =,]

    Playing for the bears =,]

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    “Don’t play with the humans, dear.”

    So much love for this… SO much…

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    I wanted to not do this… I did… I’m sorry. lol

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