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    By far the most ridiculous quit smoking video you will ever watch.

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    dreadybear replied to your post: dreadybear reblogged your photo: I really miss…

    Thanks. My girlfriend quit with me so I have support. Our days have consisted of nothing but getting high and eating. It’s been easier everyday though

    Good stuff! It does get easier and easier soon you will go whole days without even thinking about lighting up!

    I didn’t have any support, in fact I am surrounded by smokers… I think it smells good o.0 /resist I’ve never allowed smoking in my house though, even when I smoked because that’s just foul. I used the patch for a couple of days and then went cold turkey after that, I’m hard core like that *nail buff*

    Anybody who says they want to quit and then lights up is one of 2 things, a liar or weak.

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    rrrick answered your question: It’s been a week now.

    You’re awesome. Use caution when quitting forever, just for the rest of the day works best for me.

    Oh I hear ya, I’ve quit several times over the years. This time was easy and it feels final. It’s different.

    The other day I said “I miss smoking” and was promptly told “You won’t miss the cancer”. Touché lol

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    Day 6

    Still a non smoker.

    Not gonna lie, at this stage I’d totally love to smoke one but I know as soon as I took that first drag I’d taste that nasty ash tray flavor and totally regret smoking all over again. So… I am still a quity quit quitter.

    I only wore the patches for 3 days though, cuz I am fucking legit like that.

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    Still thinking about it…

    Still thinking about it…

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    I think I am just going to give in

    I have been thinking about lighting a cigarette for like 3 days straight. I can’t even remember why I quit… I just want one.

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    3 months

    I quit smoking roughly 3 months ago and as a former, former non-smoker I can tell you in the past when I quit smoking, they always smelled disgusting. Not this time, I had a friend in my car a couple days ago and I let her smoke cuz I don’t really care and I found myself deeply inhaling the second hand smoke, like a *mmMmmGahHhmnnnMm* Sad innit. I kinda of want one right now. The only thing that keeps me a nonsmoker is my incredible amount of willpower. I have the willpower of a super hero. If I was a superhero my name would prolly be WillpowerER or something. Uh, right. I think I need sleep. :D

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