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  1. Notes: 9 / 9 months ago 


    How is everyone? I feel like I’ve been gone for so long I don’t know what is happening anymore. The internet went on without me, how rude. I have a smexy new computer now though and I have every excuse in the world to play on it. Obviously tumblr is my first stop but I haven’t talked with any of you in so long, I feel lost. HOW ARE YOU MY LOVELIES?

  2. Notes: 4 / 1 year ago 

    I’ve seen so many cool blogs in the last few days. That might even be my favorite thing about doing the giveaway. I was sort of gone for a while and I’ve come back to find most of my badass followers stuck around (thanks for staying true, you all rock).

    I had heard whispers of an evil empire taking over tumblr but aside from a few ads covertly mixed in on the dash, everything seems mostly the same, to me at least. Still cool as fuck people everywhere, still random stuff that makes me laugh, all my beloved fandoms still shipping winsauce.

    Tumblr, you still the bestest.

  3. Notes: 8 / 1 year ago 

    I ♥ tumblr

    Tumblr is the only community I have ever seen people do give-aways so frequently, simply because they can. It’s also a community that selflessly bails it’s peers out of genuine personal perils, regularly.  Tumblr is made up of just really cool people, yahoo buying it or any other outside force can’t change that. We are the people of tumblr and we do what we want. We are where the news happens first. I remember when syndicated news started reporting things from tumblr and actually admitting they got the news here, I got such a kick out of that, we are a consciousness, a force that can’t be stopped, we are tumblr and we are fierce.

    I’ve always wanted to do a give away because lets face it, that’s just fun. I’m so lucky though, to have such a cool item to give out, that jacket is $179! Whoohooo!

    It is my way of saying THANKS TUMBLR, you rock! Here, stay safe with this reflective gear ♥!!

    If this is the first you are hearing about my wicked give-away, you can enter here.

  4. Notes: 5 / 1 year ago 

    Introducing Robot Reef! All your favorite robots enjoying a day on the beach! 

    Perhaps tumblrbot will find love? At the very least it appears he’s found a new pet!

    A friend of a friend made this art and I just think it’s super cute!!

  5. Notes: 4 / 2 years ago 

    I have a couple group blogs I share with some friends and occasionally when I try to ♥ one of the posts that another member posted, it flipping deletes the post instead. Just whooosh and it’s gone. Is this happening to anyone else?


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  6. Notes: 5 / 2 years ago  from inori-san

Why is there a pin?

I just clicked it and “unpinned” the top 3 posts.. WHAT HAVE I DONE!?! The neat little pins are gone now.. I want them back.. or something.


    Why is there a pin?

    I just clicked it and “unpinned” the top 3 posts.. WHAT HAVE I DONE!?! The neat little pins are gone now.. I want them back.. or something.

  7. Notes: 2 / 2 years ago 

    The Serina tag disappoints again. It is mostly made of of girls with too much make-up on making douchebag camera faces and Asian porn. WHY

    Every few months or so I check it to see if I missed a reply or something… Always the regret.

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  8. 2 years ago 

    Wtf happened to the way tumblr posts to my twitter? It used to include text, now it is JUST a url no matter what I post. That’s lame. Change it back please.

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  9. Notes: 16 / 2 years ago 

    Remember when you linked your FB with your tumblr?

    …me either.

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  10. Notes: 4 / 2 years ago 

    Today Tumblr

    I casually mentioned today in casual conversation with a stranger (as part if my job) one of the reasons for loving my epic smart phone is “because I can scroll Tumblr with it” to which he replied “what’s Tumblr” and my response to that was simply a slightly snarky knowing snicker…

    He giggled and mocked me a little or I swear I wouldn’t have even noticed I had done it. You have trained me well Tumblr.

  11. Notes: 3 / 2 years ago 

    Anyone else still feeling a false sense of power while holding down alt and clicking reblog?

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  12. Notes: 7553 / 2 years ago  from rd1960-deactivated20120507 (originally from wan-der-lustx)
  13. Notes: 12 / 2 years ago 

    id10t69-deactivated20120626 said: I stumbleupon finally dead?

    Yes. They broke it and I have heard no whispers of ever repairing it to a useful or enjoyable platform again.

    Every single cool person has either left or is there to share with a small group of really close friends and not a lot more.

    Thank fuck for tumblr or at least 7 people would have killed themselves by now.

  14. Notes: 2 / 2 years ago 
  15. Notes: 73 / 2 years ago 
    BBC News: Tumblr to introduce paid advertisements for brands

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