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    "The Mind Job

    When nice guy Zac finds his deepest fantasies inadvertently appearing on a computer screen in front of a policewoman and his girlfriend, he has little hope of saving face, and even less of saving his relationship.”

    This is hilarious!!

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    True Blood S5 E11: 59 Clip - Jason Stackhouse: Vampire?

    oh… the ending to this season is gonna be the death of me…

    I’ve always had a strong dislike for Bill. He is weak and annoying. I read the books, I have extra reasons to not like him.

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    : D

    yay you answered all 3 of my questions! hehe

    My favorite cuisine is Indian :)

    Cats have always attacked and tried to eat my hair and I agree Candy Apples are just gross, I don’t understand why they are so popular!

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    Rebecca Black has been dethroned


    How is this possible…

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    This is what happens when you give a puppy an adult doggy water dish ♥_♥

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    Bing Crosby & David Bowie - Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy 1977 

    Oh yeah. This is being added to my Christmas playlist, for sure.

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    By far the most ridiculous quit smoking video you will ever watch.

    [Found at]

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