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    Caganer Gives a Christmas Gift
How is this in a mall?

    Caganer Gives a Christmas Gift

    How is this in a mall?

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    The internet makes fun of it, you see it on the news

    Walmart is a scary place this time of year. I’m sort of detached from it. I don’t really shop at Walmart, the nearest one is rather far and I’m fine with that. However, a family member who lives in England bought gifts at and I was tasked with retrieving them.

    Waiting in line with only one person ahead of me for over an hour because the clerk was fucking [insert politically incorrect term here] was one thing. I knew what I was getting into when I walked in the door (this was first week of Dec. btw) so I wasn’t surprised at the inefficiency like some people in the very long line were but I am getting off track..

    After talking to the associate and getting in line #2 where I waited for the workerbees to retrieve said gifts from the warehouse (that took another long ass time, so long in fact that I was literally leaving when they walked up with it but again NOT the point of this whole post). 

    While I was standing in customer formed line #2 waiting, the girl who worked the returns counter that was near my counter of endless waiting had to walk in between a lady and I and there was about 4 feet of space for her to do so. She paused and said “excuse me, I’m not cutting” and slipped through like she was in danger and I said “haha I’m not going to stab you” and she laughed and said that she wanted to be sure we knew she wasn’t cutting in line because just the other day some guy pulled a knife on a chic for cutting in her store. I was like “in this store?” and she was like “yeah, right over there at check-stand 9”.

    So apparently, all the Walmart’s are dangerous, beware and shit. Shop at the dollar store or something, be safe people.

    [rrrick’s post reminded me of this]

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    Happy Christmas (slash whatever holiday you celebrate) to all my followers ♥

    Happy Christmas (slash whatever holiday you celebrate) to all my followers ♥

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BIGGEST gpoy omg
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    Top 10 Funny Christmas Songs

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    Bing Crosby & David Bowie - Peace on Earth/Little Drummer Boy 1977 

    Oh yeah. This is being added to my Christmas playlist, for sure.

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